The following tutorials walk you through performing orbit fits with orbitize. To get started, read through “Formatting Input,” “OFTI Introduction,” and “MCMC Introduction.” To learn more about the orbitize API, check out “Modifying Priors” and “Modifying MCMC Initial Positions.” For an advanced plotting demo, see “Advanced Plotting,” and to learn about the differences between OFTI and MCMC algorithms, we suggest “MCMC vs OFTI Comparison.”

We also have a bunch of tutorials designed to introduce you to specific features of our code, listed below.

Many of these tutorials are also available as jupyter notebooks here.

If you find a bug, or if something is unclear, please create an issue on GitHub! We’d love any feedback on how to make orbitize more accessible.

A note about the tutorials: There are many ways to interact with the orbitize code base, and each person on our team uses the code differently. Each tutorial has a different author, and correspondingly a different style of using and explaining the code. If you are confused by part of one tutorial, we suggest looking at some of the others (and then contacting us if you are still confused).